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Spice rack for pantry door – If you keep your spices in order and keep them at your fingertips, you may be inspired by new culinary adventures. So why save them away? Chili, paprika, curry and saffron are just some of the spices that have a beautiful color. Use them as decoration by storing them in magnetic jars with transparent lid. Place the spices on a magnet board and use labels. It gives a good overview and you have them at your fingertips. Keep in mind that it is best to keep spices dark. So do not hang the magnet in direct sunlight.

You do not like to cook with your herbs and spices pushed into the back of the pantry or stuck in a kitchen tray. Organizing your spices allows you to use them more often and keep track of their freshness dates, so you can replace them as needed. If you do not have too many spices, a hanging rack is a good option. Hang rack on the wall in the kitchen to give easy access to your spices so that you can see them all at the same time. Spice rack for pantry door are typically build of wood, plastic or metal. Some add your dining room door. And some can simply be hanging on the wall wherever you want.

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Always put a sticker to the bottom of each spice so far so you always know which spices are to be replaced. For a heartier spice collection, a better solution could be a shallow plastic bathtub. They hold a lot, depending on the size you buy. The easiest way to identify spices is to write each spice name on a label. And then place it on top of spice so when you open the container. Then you can easily find the spice you are looking for.

For a very large collection, the easiest way to see your spices is to use the individual containers. Buy some metal spice cans, which are small, round cans design to streamline your collection. As they pick up nicely, they will not take much space and they look modern as well. Enter the spice name on a label and place it on the outside of spice. You can then put spices into a rack or just stack them on your counter. Spice rack for pantry door based on slate. Where they have written on it, the names of each spice. The jars have a metal base that has adhered to the board. For greater attractiveness, they have framed it.