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Renovation Split Level Floor Plans

The most popular split level floor plans for home renovation project is complete or partially complete unfinished areas, open main floor, kitchen, ground floor bathroom Update formal space and the highest level. Many people want to earn more openness on the ground floor level of the split, which usually consists of living room, dining room, kitchen and bedroom. Openness can be certainly by removing some of the views. You will need to make sure that you know where the walls are load-bearing walls. For example, you may want more openness between the kitchen and dining room. The removal of the walls or replace with a count of open space and feel more spacious. The removal of the wall between the living room and dining room, you can also open the space and create a more conducive to entertaining.

It is not uncommon to split level home with four levels have lower unfinished. This area is not different from the completion of any basement. It will be important, however, to control the height of the ceiling in the early planning stages of the project. Number of floors of the home has a lower ceiling on the ground split level floor plans. The desires to add a shower House are very common. Split level often offer two important opportunities for extra bathroom. First, most split level home is built with bathroom on the ground floor. Many homeowners wanted to add at least a half bath or powder room on the main floor for the comfort and convenience of guests, or for elderly or disabled family members. Determining the location of the new bathroom is a challenge in most mezzanine level. Logic and the cost would suggest finding a new bathroom in the near future the existing pipe. It allows the use of existing supplies and removes the pipe. Depending on floor plan, however it may not function. The location of the pipeline a new bathroom on the ground floor will also require some attention to the height of the ceiling of the floor below. If the lower level of the ceiling, which is usually lower, the location of the pipe may depend on where you start, it is not possible to use the pipe without creating a lower level.

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Add split level floor plans for bedroom level bath is also the reconstruction, which is very popular for split level. Many split level home only shared bathroom on the floor. Other designs are the main bathroom is very small. If the plan includes adding a second bathroom remodeling or bathroom master extension, it will be necessary to sacrifice out somewhere on the floor. Again, you can try to build another bathroom, close to the existing piping, if possible, reduce the amount of work needed and to control the costs of your renovation. Enlarge the master bath in the mezzanine level will almost certainly require taking up space from the bedroom. One of the solutions might be, or add another blow, which is the bathroom and the bedroom. Although the split level home design presents some unique challenges for re modelers with a creative eye for design, careful planning and attention to detail, most of the changes, you may want to make it possible.