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Work All Day With Motorized Standing Desk

Well, today in our space we’ll talk about motorized standing desk. Like any day, you get up and go to work. When you arrive, you sit in your chair and spend a few hours in front of the computer programming. Every now and then you take a break. You change your posture, stretch or go to the machine for a coffee, but most of the time you are sitting. If you are responsible, you will be sitting in an ergonomic posture. If you are like most people, you will be leaning towards your computer screen. Or maybe leaning back like you’re in a sports car. Or you will change between them every so often.

And so every day, without asking you, if there is a better and healthier position to work in front of the computer. And is that sometimes we have so internalized the way of doing things, that any change we make seems strange or unnatural. But then someone with a new idea appears. An idea that clashes with years of habit. We are talking about the standing desk, which basically applies the concept of working standing in front of the computer. Something that seems to us, at least of first, strange and unnatural. But, working standing up is viable? It is advisable? Is there a madman who works like that?

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Standing Desk TypeSize: 936 x 702

Standing Desk OrganizerSize: 1280 x 960

Standing Desk OptionsSize: 1000 x 1333

Standing Desk LevelSize: 819 x 1015

Standing Desk 2017Size: 900 x 618

Motorized Standing DeskSize: 1024 x 768

Diy Cheap Standing DeskSize: 2080 x 1170

Best Standing DeskSize: 908 x 546

What is the standing desk? It is clear that we all know what is the right way to sit in front of the computer. For example, the desk has to be higher, to be able to support the arms at an angle close to 90 °. I recognize that I have not tried it, but the idea catches my attention. At least for the developments that I do at home, I could find it useful. Convincing my boss to buy me a desk of this type, I find it more difficult. Anyway, in the absence of further studies on the subject, I guess it is best to sit or stand intermittently.

The screen has to be at eye level, so we will also need to raise it on the desk. Although there are many studies that have shown that working long periods of time sitting is bad for your health, there is none that clearly demonstrates that working on your feet is healthier. The supposed benefits are reducing the risk of obesity, reducing the risk of suffering metabolic problems such as diabetes or cardiovascular problems. Come on, that standing work avoids the risks that arise when working sitting.