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Save Energy With Sun Tunnel Skylight

Sun tunnel skylight tend to be very expensive and overall are energy jams, because essentially, they are a large hole in the ceiling that is not nearly as insulated as a roof without a skylight. If you save energy while achieving the goal of increased light is a “greener” choice than with any means we will use it, especially if it will be a cheaper alternative.


Fortunately, there is such a choice, it is known as a pipe skylight or a solar tube, or simply a round skylight. But why is it a lot better if it still has a sun tunnel skylight. The difference between the two is the sun tube creates a much smaller hole in the ceiling which leads to lower heating and cooling costs but it creates the same amount of light by using a reflecting tube that draws the light down from the top of the ceiling to the level of the ceiling.

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The entire tube is sealed from acrylic dome on top of the ceiling to plastic light diffusers as you see from inside the house. Because of this closed tube it creates an insulated pocket that makes this much more energy efficient than traditional skylights. Spread creates such an unobtrusive type of light as you might swear there is a luminaire instead.

Sun tunnel skylight the installation of these pipe skylights is simple; most manufacturers provide a template for the ceiling cutter with a flashing kit to seal it properly around shingles. The most important thing is that you have to place the intersection of the roof rails or roof trusses pre-plan before cutting to Center the circle clip between the ceiling frames. From here you must decide how far from the ceiling cut-out to the ceiling pipe must reach.

The interior of the tube is highly reflective and must be cut to fit the space required. When you decide where the end of the pipe comes through the ceiling you use the template provided to cut the circle at the end of the tube. When you connect the finished end to the ceiling at the end of the reflecting tube, you are ready! For detailed instructions, refer to the instructions. Instructions believe me it is a straightforward process and compared to traditional skylights is very easy to handle and easy to install.

There are a few different manufacturers of solar pipes, but they are all equal. Some sun tubes also have an option to put a small luminaire in the tube so that it can actually light at night, this is a great feature if you build a new house you can plan for this option, saving you from installing the extra Wired light, try using a traditional skylight.  What is really cool is yet in the moonlight there is a surprising amount of light.