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Its 25 Amazing Tall Bedside Tables

Tall bedside tables – if you lack space a good solution is to replace the bedside table by a small chest of drawers with several drawers where to store objects and clothes, or a mini desk with which you will also gain a work area. Plan them whenever you can, take advantage of the space and gain useful meters. Do not forget to calculate well the space that the doors require if they are of normal opening so that you have space of passage and do not collide with another piece of furniture.

If you have come this far. It is because you are one of those people who is boring with the classic . And then you want to find different ideas for your bedroom that are more in line with your creative personality. Some are for recycling enthusiasts, such as bedside tables made with boxes, others are for those who like to give different use to everyday objects such as tall bedside tables with chairs, stools, stairs…

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Teak Tall Bedside TablesSize: 1024 x 990

Tall Bedside Tables WoodSize: 1000 x 1000

Tall Bedside Tables RoundSize: 1000 x 1000

Tall Bedside Tables OakSize: 1000 x 1428

Tall Bedside Tables BrownSize: 1024 x 1024

Once the decision is made, you have to know that to treat the trunks you have several options. On the one hand, you can leave them as is apply varnish on top. And try to clean a little more splintered trunk areas. The other possibility is to remove all the crust and sand the sides. The result will be much smoother, as we will leave aside the normal roughness of this type of pieces. The good thing is that you can always play with trunks of different thicknesses and heights. A perfect rustic touch!

For nature lovers there are those that have been made with logs. With them we can also make other different auxiliary furniture like these. Metal drums and filing cabinets are prefer by those who identify with the industrial style. For the romantics, nothing like recovering old objects such as suitcases … and for dreamers are ideal swing-type tall bedside tables.

Vintage furniture is create with the revolution of interior design. No matter if they are purchase at a furniture store design. Or collected from a market for second-hand furniture there is no house that boasts that does not have its vintage furniture.  Inside the bedroom we can find them in elegant symphonies, ceiling lamps or impossible headboards. And, of course, also in our inseparable bedside tables.  Let your imagination fly to get a unique and personal design. You can use small chests of drawers, shelves or even stairs to support your bed.