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White And Gray Ideas For Teen Girl Bedroom Furniture

Teen Girl Bedroom Furniture – When children’s rooms are small, you have to decide for light colors, little ornamentation and compact furniture. But simplicity does not mean lack of decoration: on the contrary. And for sample, this small bedroom of 6 square meters, where the white premium. The wall was papered with a subtle model that imitates light wood, VTV. In it the white lacquered nest bed was attached to which 2 low drawers were attached. Also white bedding and carpet were chosen. The only additional color is the red of the cushions.

Many people are reluctant to put teen girl bedroom furniture in white color in their children’s rooms. In principle, a well-lacquered wooden furniture does not have to be frequently peeled, yellowed or stained. The lacquer also has the advantage that, over time, you can re-lacquer it in another color and you look like new. This is the reason why many firms sell lacquered furniture for children’s rooms, because they are versatile furniture, growers and very affordable.

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The next are the teen girl bedroom furniture in gray. Although we are quite classic in the decoration of children’s rooms (something there will be in our decorative subconscious that takes us to the past) you can introduce novelties and one of them is the color. The children’s rooms decorated in gray have entered strongly in the children’s room and has become the new neutral, has chronologically replaced the celestial and the beige. It is ideal for girls’ rooms combining with each other, medium ranges and softer ranges, and with colors such as pale pink or a higher strawberry.

For girls who enter the “princess” era, the silver or metallic finishes in some accessory and the roses combined with mauves and violets will be perfect colors. If you remain faithful to the target but you fancy a change, paint the wall of this soft gray and choose complements of the color you want, this tone will admit them all.

To give a modern teen girl bedroom furniture look to the rooms and study areas of boys do not hesitate, gray is your color. As it fits well with all colors, you will unify the visual disorder that usually reigns in these ages: toys, gadgets, sports equipment, posters, etc. Paint one or two walls and try to keep them free of “ornaments” and leave the rest blank. Both the blue masculine and a bright red will be the complement of perfect color. And how about the yellow? Is a color that comes back to our lives and combined with gray gives the cheerful and vital counterpoint that perhaps needs a room without much natural light. Any of these color combinations will suit you. Gray is the new neutral, perhaps a new “classic”.