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Trundle Twin Bed Design Idea

Two single beds are often used in the children’s room. As their 39-inch wide and 75-inch frames are more adapted to the size of a child than an adult. Twin beds used to be sold as matching couples, but now many variants are available individually. Trundle twin bed provides extra sleeping space for company. The beauty of the trundle beds is that they slide just below an existing bed and do not take any valuable floor space on a regular basis. You can pull extra trundle out the bed when you need it. And put it back under the bed when you do not need it

A trundle twin bed is a type of bed that is built on wheels so that it can be pushed under another bed or piece of furniture. Usually it is sold together with the main bed as part of a set, to ensure that the trickle will fit and be properly supported. This layout can be an excellent space-saving solution as well as a convenient way to have a guest bed available when needed but out of the way when it’s not. Trundle bed frames save a twin-size bed under a standard single bed or divan. The trundle acts like a drawer. A wooden frame containing a twin mattress rolls out to provide another sleeping surface.

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Some trundle beds have a pop-up design that raises the hidden bed up to level with the main bed. Many parents use this trundle twin bed type in the children’s room, to provide a bed for a sleepover guest. It can also be useful when more children share the same room so that they can be active during the day and pull bed at night. Most beds are light enough for a child to move without the help of an adult, which means he or she can make the bed and put it away tomorrow. Trundle beds can be made from a wide range of materials to complement many interior decorating schemes. Regular trundle / daybed assemblies include those carved wood, made of cast iron.

Or drawn in fabric to resemble traditional sofas. The price for a trundle twin bed set may vary widely depending on the materials used and the quality of the mattresses. Meanwhile, when make measurement when do it yourself, please measure the mattress before cutting your timber to make sure you cut it to the right size. Add a few inches to the mattress measurements for use as a guide to cutting your timber. Buy handles to add to one side of the trundle to make it easier to pull the bed out when necessary. You also need screws and a drill bit with a screwdriver bit. The drill makes the work for fastening the boards much easier.