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Parts Of Tube Skylights

Tube skylights – can be installed in almost any room of a house. They consist of a vault that captures the light on the roof. Tubes that lead to the interior and a diffuser that works as a lamp. This article explains how tube skylight overcome old limitations; describe their parts, how much light they provide and how the use of solar energy is a perfect complement to these skylights.

This limitation, however, began to be left behind a few years ago, with the development of so-called tube skylights. They are special skylights, prepared for cases where there are obstacles or a more or less considerable distance between the roof and the ceiling of a room. Through a system of tubes. The outside of the skylight is communicated on the deck with the interior of the room. And, thus, natural light can reach almost any room. Regardless of whether it has a loft or any other type of space.

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Parts of tube skylights first, the dome or upper vault: is built in acrylic. Its semi-spherical shape allows it to optimize the use of sunlight at all times of the day, beyond the variations of the angle with which they hit it. In addition, the circular cut on the roof favors the circulation of rainwater and other objects (such as branches, tree leaves and other dirt) that can affect the drainage and, over time, cause leaks, leaks or leaks. The optical system of tube skylight allows the light to be emitted in all directions evenly, not only downwards. The tubes: they are in charge of channeling the light captured on the roof and lead it down, inside the room in question. For this, they have a reflective system, composed of mirrored walls.

The size of the tubes can vary, but in general, they have a diameter of about 25 centimeters. Which makes them quite comfortable to handle and allows them to be inserted between beams. And also columns and other structures without reforms. Furthermore part, the diffuser: placed in the room, at the level of the ceiling. That is the artifact that acts as a lamp and illuminates the room with natural light “brought” from the outside. It is prepared with an optical system of tube skylights to emit light in all directions in a uniform way and not only downwards. Like normal skylights, without this being altered by the different angles. In which the dome receives the rays of the sun.