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Installing Custom Closet Organizers

Building and installing custom closet organizers save your family money and allow you to create custom storage for all your clothes, accessories, shoes and other personal items. Installing a wardrobe organizer in your wardrobe easily becomes a pain when you try to fit pieces through the doorway. For best results and to facilitate the process, install when building your wardrobe organization system


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Remove all items from the wardrobe including shelves, clothes rods and other storage devices that you do not want to keep your new organization system. Move all clothes to plastic containers for storage or other wardrobe and away from potential damage in your work area. Design a layout for your new wardrobe organization system. Look at the empty closet and decide how to place hanging space and shelves. Use this time to make coarse drawings on your wall with a pen of possible shelf and garment placements. Determine heights for each shelf you plan to install and use a tape measure and level to make darker lines to mark the position, length and width of each shelf you intend to place. These lines will guide you in both cutting appropriate large pieces of wood and installing assembly boards.

Install mounting boards for all shelves you intend to place in the wardrobe. Cut an after three-inch wooden shelf support boards in the necessary lengths to match each shelf length of a chainsaw. Cut additional pieces from the shelves to match the depth of each shelf that sits against a side wall in the wardrobe. Attach mounting boards to the wardrobe walls. To do this, align the shelves boards with the lines you drew in step three. Locate wall rails with a control detector and drive two and a half inch wood screws through support boards and into wall rails across the entire length of boards.

Cut sections of half inch thick plywood to match the necessary lengths and depth each shelf you need for your wardrobe organization system. Put the plywood shelf pieces in place over the shelf support and drive one-inch nail down through the shelf pieces and into the narrow ends of the shelf support boards. Cut parts of plywood to suit the height and depth of any side shelf shelves. To install these pieces, place them in place against the horizontal shelf pieces and run the 1-inch wooden nail through the vertical sides and insert the edges of the horizontal pieces.

Install the clamp bracket to attach your clothes rod to hang clothes in the wardrobe. The bar bracket should come packed with suitable hardware to attach the mounting brackets between the wall and shelves. Use a level and measure tape to mount the brackets level horizontally. Measure the distance between the brackets and adjust the length of your wardrobe rack to match this size. Put the rack over the brackets and push the rod down into the brackets.