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Tips DIY Pantry With Custom Pantry Doors

Custom pantry doors – Here are his ten best tips for building a pantry. Correct location. An old-fashioned cold crate collects cold from outside through a valve in the outer wall. The best location is therefore on the north side of the house according to the old tradition. Take advantage of a corner. In an existing kitchen to be fitted with a pantry, it is often smart to build it in a corner. Then you only need to build two walls. Do not build too little. The shop may be so big you can get into it. Then you can use it to the maximum and it will be easier to keep track. Then you will also have a small floor area where you can put drinks bags and big packs.

Furu has long been used for kitchen fittings in Sweden. It has a soft feeling and smells good. But use the same wood to the stove as to the other frames of the kitchen, so it will be a harmonious whole. Insulation is important to keep the cold in the shop. Insulate with eco-fiber or other environmentally-friendly insulation. Do not leak out. You can build the walls in different ways. We usually put a massive disk, 40 millimeters thick, then without insulation. But such a thick disc can be difficult to get hold of. Easier when building a pantry with custom pantry doors by yourself is to use rules and nail a board wall.

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The door must shut down so that the cold does not escape the supply. With a doorway to the pantry and a socket around the custom pantry doors inside, there will be no door jumping where the cold air can spread. Use a sealing strip or build the fox behind the door completely so that it seals itself. The inside of the door also offers nice storage if you set up hooks, hangers or small net baskets. Ventilation is important as it is the one who creates cold in the pantry. Put on an adjustable valve in the outer wall that you can also close completely if it gets a very cold winter.

A thermometer may be smart to set up to keep in mind that the ventilation works and that the pantry really keeps the cold. ¬†Wall-mounted wooden shelves are nice and functional in the pantry with custom pantry doors. Let them be narrower at one end and broader in the other. On the wide end you place big bulky goods, in the narrow you put smaller things. Then you quickly see what’s on the shelf without having to mess around.