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Building Old Wood Fence Ideas

Old wooden roofs are suitable for recycling and reuse as wood fence ideas decorative. Utility items in the home and in the garden. Think of wood as distressed wood and use it as single boards or in sections. Capitalize on the fence’s age characteristics and mark them in the project plan.


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Wood Fence WideSize: 736 x 552

Wood Fence TraditionalSize: 936 x 702

Wood Fence SawnSize: 1024 x 683

Wood Fence PlanSize: 1189 x 781

Wood Fence OriginalSize: 800 x 600

Wood Fence OakSize: 721 x 542

Wood Fence NiceSize: 564 x 846

Wood Fence KitSize: 900 x 600

Wood Fence Ideas HighSize: 736 x 1103

Wood Fence GreenSize: 800 x 700

Wood Fence FrontyardSize: 1000 x 750

Wood Fence DrivewaySize: 700 x 526

Wood Fence DIYSize: 1022 x 767

Wood Fence DimensionsSize: 550 x 825

Wood Fence DesignSize: 736 x 1104

Wood Fence DeckSize: 800 x 599

Wood Fence CornerSize: 736 x 552

Wood Fence CedarSize: 745 x 559

Wood Fence AmazingSize: 160 x 120

Wood Fence HorizontalSize: 1000 x 679

Wood Fence BackyardSize: 1000 x 648

Picture Wood FenceSize: 1000 x 750

Turn three or four sections of the old wooden roof into a decorative folding screen for a room. Connect hinged wood fence sections and paint the fence to match the interior of the room. Use the screen to create a visual boundary between a kitchen and breakfast area, or between the sides of a shared bedroom. Hang an extra blanket over it in the bedroom. Instead of attaching the hinges, the fences cut the fan to a screen, attach them so the fence becomes a U-shape. Use U-shaped fence sections to make a “garden” for wood in the living room.


Using sections of the old wooden roof in a room adds a rustic or western touch. Create wainscoting from the wood fence by nailing painted or unpainted parts to the lower third of the walls around the room. A white fence suggests the countryside, so the country continues the theme throughout your interior. Use distressed furniture, pale blue and green for coloring and flower accessories. Leave a board fence in its natural state and decorate the room with overflowing leather furniture, wooden beams and Indian leather traps. Old fences and fence sections are suitable for furniture construction. Use the slots or a section of a stick or board fence to make up a table and use the fence posts for the legs. Secure four sections of low fence into a square and lay a headed top for use as a storage bench. Turn wide board fences into floating shelves or use the slats for art projects such as primitive paintings, picture frames or characters.


Recycled fencing for outdoor use. Deconstruct smaller sections of the fence and turn them into birdhouses or plant boxes. Use the sections in the garden to practice climbing flower vines and vegetables up from the ground. Create a mini grape vineyard by running parts of the fence in parallel with each other. Build a box from old sections, put a lid and line the box with heavy plastic for a compost bin. General farm and garden landscaping plants, flowers, grass and trees growing in one level, one-dimensional foundation. Gardeners, who have fired on their property, but have a chance to take their garden to another level with climbing and vining plants. If you have a fence, bend off some sunny places, prepare your ground for planning, and plant some colorful walking and flowering plants to cover the fence.