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Wall Mounted Bedside Table

Wall mounted bedside table – gives you more space by releasing the floor surface next to your bed. You can buy a wall mounted floating bedside table, or make yourself from four boards and a piece of plywood. The wardrobe will make the room look larger due to the extra space. Choose any stain color for wood, or choose any wood variety that has a certain grain you want. Select two pieces of wood that is the length you want your bedside table to be, then chosen two equal sidesteps that will create the desired width. For example, use 1-of-6-inch timber to build a bedside table drawer that is 6 inches deep.

Buy them ready to cut, cut them to size yourself, or have a home improvement store cut them for you. The box can be rectangular or square and the functional size is from 1 to 2 meters wide. Place the four pieces of wood on their sides and fit the box. Insert the two side pieces between the two long upper and lower parts. Use a drill to screw two wooden screws through the two long pieces and into the side pieces. Measure the total length of the wall mounted bedside table, and the total width. Cut a piece of plywood to match these measurements.

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Place a string of wooden straps along the box edges, on all four sides. This will be on the back of the box. Press the cut plywood in the wooden frame on the back of the bedside table, making a five-sided box with an opening that will meet the room. Place the box on the floor and allow the adhesive to dry for 24 hours. Drill two control holes in plywood backing. Make both holes 1 inch from the top of the wall mounted bedside table, and 1 inch in from each side, or as needed to ensure that you will drill in wall rails, usually 16 inches apart.

Hold the bedside table against the wall where you want to install it. Place one level at the top and adjust the bedside table until it’s level. Use a pen to mark where the arrow holes located. Set the bedside table down and drill through the marks on the wall. Insert a wall anchor in each hole if you drill into a plaster. Anchor is not required if you drill in the wall rails. Have a helper keep the wall mounted bedside table in place so the pilots are over anchor. Screw a screw in each anchor.