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Waterproof Wall Panels Ideas

Made of a melamine laminate, waterproof wall panels come in a variety of patterns. Each one is reversible, giving you two different options for your project. Although markets the panels for use as a backsplash behind the kitchen benches, because they are resistant to heat and water, the panels can add a unique twist to almost any room in the house. You can install Ikea wall panels quite easily in an afternoon.


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Wipe the walls where you plan to install waterproof wall panels design with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt. Determine which side of Ikea kitchen panels you want to see after installation. There are four options: stainless steel and aluminum, brown wood and white tile, white and floral and black and black tiles. Wipe the opposite side of the panel which will appear after installation with a damp cloth to remove dust and residue from the package. Wait the walls and the back of the waterproof wall panels to dry. This should only take 10 to 20 minutes, depending on how much you clean the walls required.  Apply 3-inch-long beads of panel glue to the back of panels, and ensure even coverage of the edges. Apply a zigzag pattern of glue around the edges of panels to ensure a safe fit.

Place down the panel on the bottom of the area above the counter where you install waterproof wall panels so that is the level, then push panels to the rest of the wall, and make sure that the product stays straight and aligned with both the bottom and the side of the wall. If you install this item outside the kitchen, drag a level line across the room where you want to pan the panel to be, and install it in the same way.

Measure the remaining space and mark these measurements on a panel. Draw a level line based on this brand as a cutting guide. Use a table to sift the waterproof wall panels to size, and install it in the same way as the full-size panels. Cut into a panel to accommodate all sockets or power switches. Mount the slices until the bit you need to cut is next, and measure where in the panel the outlet is coming through. Use these measurements to cut a hole in the panel with a figure saw and install the panel in the same way as the others.