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Ideas For Decorate White Bedside Tables

White bedside tables are an enriching addition to any bedroom. It’s a functional piece of furniture to rest out glasses when you sleep, or somewhere to put a lamp so you can read in bed. While the surface of a night stand is small, it is still possible to incorporate bedside tables into the decorative theme of your bedroom. Bringing style to the surface of your bedside tables with fabric, color and useful but decorative additions can change your bedside tables from functional to lovely.

Clear at the top of your white bedside tables. Pure stands any areas around the night so you have a clean environment to work. Dust and clean nightstand, it’s best to start your decoration with a clean surface. Lay a lace or fabric runner over the newly cleaned bedside surface it will provide a foundation for the rest of your decorations, protect the surface of the stand and add style to your bedside tables and your room. Choose fabrics that complement walls, window treatments and linens in your room. Place the fabric for the nightstand with Velcro if it happens to be very slippery.

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Set a lamp at white bedside tables over fabric, you can put the lamp in the middle of the table or to the side, depending on the other decorations you want to add to the table. Choose a lamp that is high enough to shed light on you when reading in your bed. Choose a lamp that matches the layout of your room. For example, if you have relatively simple furniture, pick up one of the colors in your room and accent it with a single colored lamp. If you have more elaborate decorations, use a lamp that has more ornate details, such a metal casting on the stand or a beaded shadow.

Make room for the other things you need your bedside tables, for example, if you wear glasses, create a space for your glasses to go by investing in a decorative velvet-lined box that can hold your glasses while you sleeping.  Create a reading area on your white bedside tables, many stands will fit into a bookshelf built into them. Build a decorative interim book shelf on the surface of your nightstand if you do not have a built-in shelf or if you just need more space. Place your lamp to the other side of your bedside tables, away from you, and configure the books you are currently reading next to the bed.