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Different Styles To Choose White Dresser With Mirror

A white dresser with mirror is the ideal piece of furniture to receive people in our house. Besides being very useful, it helps us to increase the visual space of the receiver. There are different styles to choose a dresser with mirror. From more rustic styles , to more modern ones. The possibilities we can have to decorate our dresser are many. Everything will be a function of the style not only of the furniture in question, but also of the rest of the furniture with which it will share the space. Today we want to leave some pictures of our decorated dressers , which I hope will serve as inspiration if you plan to get down to work, or if you are thinking in the short term to make some change in the decoration of your dining room or lounge.

Among the many possibilities you can have to undertake the decoration of your furniture, there are some super recommended supplements and with which making mistakes is really difficult. A mirror, a lamp, some flowers and a decorative complement more or less large depending on the size of our dresser, could be enough for our furniture to be perfect. we are of the idea that it is better to stay short than to spend. The first thing that we will have to take into account to put ourselves in search of the complements that we will need, will be to consider the finish and its measures.

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Target DresserSize: 1384 x 1384

Tall DressersSize: 1096 x 1500

Mirror ChestSize: 1100 x 835

Ikea White DresserSize: 1024 x 879

Ikea Hopen DresserSize: 1200 x 1600

Ikea Dresser RecallSize: 800 x 1000

Ikea Dresser MalmSize: 1280 x 960

Ikea Dresser HemnesSize: 1044 x 1774

Dresser With Mirror IkeaSize: 1165 x 1512

Dresser With Mirror CheapSize: 1500 x 1500

Dresser Mirror Chest SetSize: 1000 x 800

If our sideboard is painted white or natural wood, a French-style mirror painted in gray would be a recommended option, and if instead our furniture is painted in gray, a white mirror will bring light and contrast. A lamp or a pair of lamps if our dresser is large as you can see in one of these photographs, is ideal not only as an aesthetic solution but also for the warmth that indirect light transmits on any piece of furniture.

Some flowers, a plant or dry flower, is a perfect wild card, but be very careful if what you are going to use is flower or artificial plants. And finally some glass accessories such as the fashionable glass pans, the lanterns or the boats will help you to give your dresser the final touch you needed. As the images are worth more than a thousand words, I hope that these are the ones I give you today to give you ideas to decorate the dresser.