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Design A Wood Bedside Table From Scrap Wood

Wood bedside table – If you want to create a night from scrap, you must consider wood scrap that you have available to work, as well as the availability of paint or stains, to complete your design. Create your design; all you need is some tools and a time to develop ideas for a nightstand you can build yourself for a little at no cost. Collect material to design a wood bedside table from scrap wood. Measure the height of the bed with a tape measure. Normally, a wardrobe corresponds to the height of the bed. The height you need is important so that you can find scrap wood for the table that will be at least this height or higher. Keep in mind that you need four pieces of wood, all the same size diameter, for the legs.

Measure the length of the space next to your bed, where you want to place the table, using your tape measure. In addition, measure the width of the space. These measurements will be the size of wood pieces that you have to look for your night table top. Woods can bigger and cut down, if needed. You can also use multiple wood planks for your table top, but they should match your space dimensions. When placed next to each other or be cut. Find wood residues that you can use to tension your legs and table tops. The size of wood you need depends on the size of the table that you design

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Wood Bedside Table StyleSize: 1000 x 983

Top Wood Bedside TableSize: 800 x 600

Solid Wood Bedside TableSize: 1024 x 768

Old Wood Bedside TableSize: 900 x 900

Nice Wood Bedside TableSize: 1024 x 1024

Draw your design wood bedside table. Drag the image of what you want the table to look like, using a pen and paper. Do you need ideas, browse books or magazines, or look at the furniture that is present in the room, for some style ideas. Do not be afraid to let your creative juicer flow. Pull out each part of your table, using a pen, paper and ruler. Begin with your legs, mark them with the height you want your table to based on your measurements. Then, decide how to tighten your legs so that they form a stable foundation.

Draw a pattern that you want on your table, with pen and paper. For example, if you plan to paint the table white and then paint an antique pink design on top, you will design that pattern on paper first. Lists all the items you need to complete your bedside table. Include the list of your scrap wood pieces, tools you need, screws or nails, wood threads, paint or stains and brushes. When the design is ready and your deliveries intact, you are ready to build your wood bedside table.