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Interior Wood Trim Ideas

Make your home sign with wood trim decorations on walls, ceilings and around doors, windows and arches. Wood trim adds visual stimulation, charm and value to any home. For a completely uniform look, match trim to the home’s architectural style. Cheap compressed wood fiberboard trim can replace custom deciduous hardwood or conifers. Panel molding; Wall trim adds a touch of pattern and dimension to a vertical area. Add square or rectangular frames directly to walls, match it to all sides of the room. Stair walls can be enchanted to reflect the height and shape of railings facing it.

Simple chair shines, at a height between 33-35 inches, protect walls from damage. Signed can be created with pearl board and trim or trim alone. Apply wallpaper or paint to the section below the top trim rail to offset the lower half of the room. Picture rail trim can be installed at any height and given a depth to frame framed images. Crown molding; Crown floor profiles run around the entire ceiling where it joins the wall. Choose dimensions depending on the height of the room. High ceilings can withstand work out, large faced parts, while lower ceilings have less depth and height of trim. Ceiling treatments; a cassette ceiling can be added with trim pieces alone.

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A coffin is a decorative sunken panel in a loft, floor space, dome or vault. The ceiling should not have domes, vaults or be sunk to give this grand dimensional look. Cut positions to shape square or rectangular protruding box shapes of any style. An octagon with graduated trim can be built on the ceiling in the center of a room or entrance hall. Use cast or custom medallions at the center, add a rich, eye-catching detail to it. Guts; worms are trim surrounding doors and windows. In many homes, it’s the only place with existing decorative trim. Add interior design wood trim around windows without it. Dress up existing sleeves with another layer of trim around it.

The door clothing kits are available in standardized sizes to replace the boring door trim. Window and door intestines usually correspond throughout the home. Finish; make the decorative wood trim pop or disappear with paint. Accent colors can be used as well as paint finishes. Paint the walls with an eggshell finish and trim with high gloss. Paint add-on trim around the intestines with different finishes, too. Depth can be created by varying the shadow of one color on each layer of trim. This can be very efficient with boxes. The lightest shadow will make the area of screen elements, while darker shades will seem less. Paint all trim and contrast paint or paint the exact same color as walls or ceilings.