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The Multipurpose Of Saddle Seat Stool Furniture

The saddle seat stool are a decorative jewel and also a tool of infinite uses. Being a furniture extremely simple and basic is, however, one of the most versatile because, apart from its main function (which is obviously serve as a seat), the stools can have endless utilities.

Sometimes the watchers we find are too big or, visually, they take up a lot of space. If our piece has a few meters we can take a stool to place a lamp and support a book or cell phone. I recommend that in this case, you use low stools. An entertaining idea is to use different models for each side of the bed or play with color combinations. Do you live in an apartment where every meter is essential? Then the stool is an important ally in your living room. You can place it on the sides of the sofa, or you can even combine several to fulfill the function of a coffee table. If you have enough tables, the stool will help you, for example, to support the bottles that so much obstruct the table in the dining room or to leave the control of the television and glasses.

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Saddle Stool ErgonomicSize: 976 x 732

Saddle Stool 29Size: 1024 x 683

Saddle Seat StoolsSize: 1500 x 1200

Saddle Seat Stool PlansSize: 1024 x 681

Horse Saddle StoolsSize: 1500 x 1061

If you have an especially beautiful decoration, such as a vase, a sculpture, a painting or even a leafy plant and you want to give them prominence, upload it to a stool! You will turn it into a focus of attention and you will be able to highlight it as a decorative element when giving it height. Maybe in your kitchen, you do not have space to set a table, but what is certain is that you do not lack an inn. Get a high stool and turn your snack space into a breakfast bar. It’s over drinking coffee standing up! Also, by putting a safe seat you get the company in the kitchen while you make your recipes.

Do not you get to the top of the kitchen furniture? Are things lost in the closet because you do not reach what is in the background? Use a stool and save the stairs, which also takes up much more space. Next to the pool, near the grill, next to a chair to support drinks, as a seat, in a corner to place flowers and plants. The possibilities are endless. And when it’s cold you can put it inside the house and use it for anything else that, as we are seeing, a stool never hurts.

Great Idea Of Saddle Bar Stools For A Wild West Feel

When you are looking for a saddle bar stools or saddle counter stools as your kitchen bar stools, or if you own a Western-style restaurant or bar and would like to recreate the feeling of the bygone era of the Wild West, there is one thing you can do to get into this feel – get a set of western bar stools, and in particular saddle bar stools.

Have you ever ridden a horse? When you sit on a saddle seat bar stool, you get back the feeling of being in the saddle. And this adds to the illusion of the grand old Wild West times. We will explore here three types of a western bar or counter stools which will suit several different tastes and occasions. We’ll talk about modern bar stool, round saddle stool, and cowhide seat western saddle bar/counter stool.

24 Photos Gallery of: Great Idea of Saddle Bar Stools for a Wild West Feel

Target Counter StoolsSize: 1765 x 1080

Saddle Bar Stools TargetSize: 1000 x 750

Saddle Bar Stools 29Size: 1024 x 741

Saddle Bar Stools 24Size: 1152 x 864

Real Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1280 x 720

Metal Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1023 x 739

Leather Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1600 x 1200

Horse Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1020 x 680

Cowboy Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1008 x 567

Cowboy Bar StoolsSize: 1024 x 766

Cheap Bar StoolsSize: 1600 x 1071

Wooden Saddle Bar StoolsSize: 1200 x 900

What all these saddle bar stools target have in common is that they are made of wood. Back in the times of Wild West, metal was not as prevalent as it is today. And the Cowboys had to make do with the materials that were more readily accessible, in particular wood. So the cowboys had to master the art of woodworking to create these stools. The other materials the cowboys had available were natural leathers, either coming from caught wild animals, but more commonly from the cows that were slaughtered for their meat.

Another thing these western saddle bar stools or counter stools have in common is that, just like the horse saddles, they never feature a backrest or the armrests. Modern style rectangular saddle bar stool is the best fit for any room. When you would like to establish that Wild West cowboy feels in your home, but you have modern style kitchen furniture and fixtures, then you should consider modern style saddle counter stools. They will still be made of wood.

Some modern style cowboy bar stools have their seat shaped in a downward curve, resembling the curvature of the saddle. Despite the rectangular shape of the “floor plan” of the seat, you will be able to sit on the chair looking forward, as if riding, and straddling the chair with your legs, or you will be able to sit sideways, with your legs together, and your behind safely seated in the curve of the saddle seat. Others have their “saddle” made of straight, flat wood, which might be a type of seat you are more used to.