Take Note of These Ideas Urban Farmhouse Designs

Jan 13th
Urban Farm Exterior House
Urban Farm Exterior House

Urban farmhouse designs – In order to have your own cultivation space, it is no longer necessary to have a plot of land. Take note of these ideas and create a micro-garden at home. The kitchen of our elders worked with products of proximity. These foods had several advantages. They maintained their properties. Preserved their original flavor and were free of pesticides. And other supplements that have no positive impact on environment or on humans. Over the years, the population has moved to the cities. Bought in supermarkets and has lost contact with the traditional garden. However, those vegetables that were formerly cultivated in plots and patios. Find in urban gardens a new format for their growth. The ‘eco’ philosophy has seen in this way to obtain raw materials a really healthy and responsible way of feeding.

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It is about regaining contact with what we eat. Helping the domestic economy and eliminating chemicals from our diet. With this premise are born the beehives and associations of neighbors who meet to plant. And see vegetables grow that they will share later. The gardens and attics are now a space full of wooden boxes that are arrange on the floor. For their correct development, these plantations need an adequate source of light. A control of irrigation and only organic fertilizers. Face with other sustainable alternatives that require a large economic investment. The best thing about the urban garden is that you do not need to spend a lot of money to design a pleasant and eco-friendly environment .

To start planting and start in this way in this world you can turn to pieces that you have forgotten in your home. Or recycle others that were going to pass to a better life. For example, beyond the clay pots. Some create their own versions with bottles, cans, vases and cloth bags to give a different life to an area of ​​the house. In the same way, wine boxes, drawers, commodes converted into a table, others packaged in wood. And even tea carts, decorate and conserve the land in equal parts. In addition, the need has led to a new trend, not having enough space. The distribution of vertical containers is propose with several supports and original articles reused. Pallets, bulbs, hanging industrial tubes, shelves . And other structures to attach to the walls work as rustic-looking supports for those small plants that will help spice up your best dishes.

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