The Luxury Infinity Swimming Pool

Aug 16th
Infinity Swimming Pools
Infinity Swimming Pools

You must be familiar with the infinity swimming pool in luxury hotels, resorts, and villas. Whether you’ve visited one of those of hotels or just saw it on television or the internet, this kind of swimming pool must make you want to spend a lot of time in the pool. Infinity edge swimming pool, sometimes also referred to as negative edge, zero edge, infinity pool, disappearing edge, or vanishing edge pool gets its name from the visual effect produced by the pool’s edge. The swimming pool create an optical illusion of water extending to the horizon or to the “infinity”.

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In the exotic and fancy hotels or resorts, infinity pools are always situated on a gorgeous backdrop such as cliff, hill, mountain, ocean, lake, wooded area, golf course, or terraced rice paddies. Luxury hotels, resorts, and villas with infinity swimming pool are everywhere. For example in Phuket – Thailand, Ubud, Bali – Indonesia, Dambulla – Sri Lanka, Hawaii, Maldives, Singapore, Fiji, Caribbean, and various other places with stunning scenery.

You may want to bring the vacation experience to your home or villa. Especially if you have backyard that feature beautiful scenery as those fancy hotels. Even though you don’t have a breathtaking view, you can still build an infinity pool at your home with the right design and engineering. But, you should think carefully because infinity edge pools are very expensive and require extensive mechanical and design.

As you may know, an infinity swimming pool has a short wall on one side (usually using glass material), which allows water to spill over into a catch basin or wire below then pumped back into the pool. You will spend a lot of cost to install the wire and a special hydraulic engineering to pump the water from the weir back into the pool. Not to mention the maintenance. But, if you are able to build this expensive pool, you would enjoy your pool as if you’re constantly on vacation. What do you think?

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