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Artificial Skylight – Today we want to present an innovative method of lighting for interiors. A group of Italian scientists recently announced the product called CoeLux. A new species of skylight that perfectly mimics the day’s sunlight. The inventors are somewhat hermetic about the way the artificial skylight works. But it tries to filter a sunlight source through a layer of nanoparticles that mimic the sunlight atmosphere. Light is currently available in three different configurations that mimic sunlight at different points in the world. Including tropical, Mediterranean and Nordic environments. Artificial skylights can be include anywhere where light is poor, from extreme environments such as scientific posts to underground car parks or even in hospitals.

Posted on February 11, 2022 Skylight

According to studies, natural lighting strengthens and accelerates the healing process. Being exposing to sunlight improves mood, reduces stress and facilitates relaxation. Both in the patient and the staff involve in the care process.  The artificial skylight can reduce the bill of light of homes up to 17 Euros a month. And depend on the activity, they can avoid even having to turn on the light. Also, the thermal insulation of the artificial glass improves the energy efficiency with the control of the solar radiation, the transparency, and luminosity of the windows and the acoustic insulation. Energy savings are increasingly a priority for European households. The search for solutions that allow a reduction in the invoice of the light is the order of the day.

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Artificial Skylight RoofSize: 1000 x 625

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The use of artificial skylight in a home can reduce light consumption by up to 30%, according to Danosa. A specialist in integrated solutions for sustainable construction. The direct natural light provided by skylights decreases electricity consumption during certain hours of the day. In this respect, depending on the activity to be carry out inside the building (residential, industrial, etc.) skylights can avoid the use of artificial light. Since the average daily sunlight during the year is Approximately 12 hours. In fact, thanks to the white or ice color of the exterior dome of a skylight 75% of the sunlight are transmitted. Which allows the room to gain substantially in brightness.

Likewise, the white tone of the interior of the base enhances the reflection of this light which maximizes that effect of natural illumination. Methacrylate domes provide protection against UV rays and provide both thermal and acoustic insulation to the building. Of course, to ensure the savings and brightness advantages provided by artificial skylight and avoid excessive heating in summer or cooling of the interiors in winter, a correct maintenance is essential. Another of the most demanded options is thermal insulation. And within this, the great concern of users is to choose the glass for their windows.