Things To Know About Above Ground Saltwater Swimming Pools

Jun 19th
Above Ground Saltwater System
Above Ground Saltwater System

A lot of people want the above ground saltwater swimming pools as an alternative to freshwater swimming pool that uses traditional chlorine tablets to sanitize the pool water. But, I have to clarify something here. You may be one of the many people who thought that the saltwater swimming pool don’t use chlorine. That’s totally not true. Actually, saltwater pools are still sanitized using chlorine, but they use chlorine from salt. So this is obviously more natural and eco-friendly.

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To have the above ground saltwater swimming pools,

then you need a saltwater chlorination system, also called salt chlorine generator or saltwater sanitizing system that will create your own chlorine daily and adds it to the pool automatically. The scientific name of the salt is sodium chloride, means it is composed of two elements, chlorine and sodium. It is the salt chlorine generator job, or whatever you call it, to separate chlorine and sodium molecules, and adds the chlorine to the pool water to provide for the pool’s sanitizing needs. The salt chlorine distribute salt-generated chlorine evenly and keep the pool water clean. It also have sensors to stabilize the pH balance and monitoring the salt level.

If you think about above ground saltwater swimming pools, you might think of salty water in the ocean. But no, saltwater swimming pool doesn’t taste or smell salty at all. The ocean’s salt water has a salt content of approximately 35,000 parts per million (ppm). Salt pools have 1/10 the level of salt that an ocean has, which only 3,000 – 6,000 ppm. It also will not hurt your eyes. In fact, the chlorine produce from salt has no chlorine odors, and feels smooth on your skin. Salt water pool maintenance also easier than the regular chlorine pools. You just have to check the pool once a week to balance the water and make sure the system is producing the natural chlorine. What do you think about saltwater pool?

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