Think of Using French Provincial Nightstand

Dec 15th
French Provincial Nightstand Small
French Provincial Nightstand Small

French provincial nightstand is indispensable in your bedroom. You need a reliable place where you can put your things. Such as your alarm clock, telephone or a book. Setting up your bedroom is a job that is very fun to get start. Small elements in such a case can have a big influence on the whole. Take a nightstand: a nice piece of furniture where you can spend a lot of creativity. That is why we have put the work of the most creative experts at a glance. And can let you enjoy a super inspiring overview. You use bedside tables in the bedroom to store or store items that you need before and after sleeping. Your reading glasses, a glass of water, a book, medicine, an alarm clock, night lamp, you name it.

You have simple bedside tables that you often see with a chest of drawers. But nowadays there are many different types of nice bedside tables. Today we want to inspire you with the best bedside ideas. Which do you like the most? The most common way to make a bedside table is to place it next to your bed on the floor. But why do not you even use your wall? For example, by attaching a shelf to the wall for your stuff. Even more beautiful; drill two holes in the wall for hooks. And hang a nice quality rope. At the bottom you confirm the shelf that you can use as a bedside table and voila. Are you a tireless reader? Make a bedside table of books.

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Choose a series of books that you no longer read, preferably of a larger size. Stick these together for stability with glue or double-sided tape. And you have the ideal place to put your bedroom lamp on. You can also decide to put large books. Such as atlases upright in a square and put a book on them for more space. Even for travelers, original ideas are enough to make a personal bedside table. You can, of course, think of using an old suitcase that you have found in the cycle. There you only need to look for a chassis, for example from wood or bamboo, to support it. Drill holes, attach both to each other and your traveler’s box is ready. Also think of your souvenirs; how much fun would it be to make a bedside table with one of your best memories?

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