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Little girl quilts are stuff blankets. Originally they were stuffed with the down of some species of ducks, because of their great coat, but then they began to fill with natural fibers like cotton or the mirage and more recently with synthetic fibers like the wadding. These blankets are very warm and light, so they are the most suitable for babies. We can buy the baby’s comforter in any store, but it is much more significant at this stage that the mother is completely united to the child, that she does it. The design of the comforter should be the adaptation to the sex of the baby and the decoration of your bedroom, also the color.

Posted on October 24, 2021 Quilts

We will choose washable fabrics, soft and durable, although cotton is one of the most popular fibers for babies, synthetic fibers are easier to wash and dry much faster. We are going to make a central table with Kitty surrounded by smaller boxes with different motifs on stamped fabrics, but we can make only the decorated central table and the rest in plain or embossed fabrics. The reverse of the quilting can be smooth, stamp or also have designs by Kitty or another character, to make it reversible, that depends on the work we want to achieve and the time we have. We take measurements of the baby’s bed and add 10cm per side for the little girl quilts fabric to hang to the sides or to stick under the mattress.

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Little Girl Quilts RagSize: 1024 x 685

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We are going to sew the work to make it easier and faster, but nothing prevents us from doing the work completely by hand. To design the picture we make a strip of pink fabric for the floor, which measures a quarter of the height of the painting. The sky will cover the remaining three-quarters of the picture. We join with the sewing machine the two rectangles of blue and pink simple little girl quilts that form the bottom of the painting. When we have the picture ready, we will cut smaller pictures to make the top and bottom of the picture.

We will choose our fabrics to match each other. This part we can decorate it with other figures of Kitty or leave it without design. Now we will cut long strips to make the ridge of the little girl quilts ideas, which would form a frame. We choose a striped cloth different from those forming the central part. We sew it. The part of the setback is the one with the sew wadding. For this task, we will use a special foot that brings the sewing machine. We cut the sheet of wadding the same size as the quilting, leaving a border of 1cm for sewing.