Tips for Lighting Vaulted Ceiling

Aug 6th
Lighting A Vaulted Space
Lighting a Vaulted Space

Vaulted ceiling lighting is incredibly attractive to buyers today. Once purchased or rented, people begin to realize that they can be dark and dreary if not on. This leaves many people wondering what type of lighting to use and how to illuminate the area in an appropriate and attractive manner vaulted ceiling lighting.

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Wall lights

Wall sconces, especially to higher wall lighting fixtures can be especially useful in lighting vaulted spaces. There are options of battery power and hard wired available to suit every budget. These are a great way to bring a little extra light to the space without being overwhelming. If you have high ceilings, it is used to accent and light up the area on the afternoon brighter. Do not overwhelm or dominate the space with light. Normally, at night, you want your space to feel comfortable and cozy. Excess lighting a vaulted ceiling lighting only make the space feel big and overwhelming.

Ceiling Lights

Another viable option, ceiling lights can help illuminate the dark corners. However, points down hanging lights may not necessarily be the best option. Instead, opt for hanging with light colors or light shades pointing up rather than down. The hanging lights are also among the more easily updated or changed when you feel the need to update or change the look of your room. This makes them as flexible as other lighting options.

Recessed lighting

Recessed lights are ideal for those looking to illuminate your space, but do not want the appearance of additional lighting devices cluttering your space vaulted ceiling. In addition, recessed lighting fixtures are very adaptable to a number of different styles ranging from modern eclectic decor.


Last but not least, floor lamps pointing upwards, its lights are the most acceptable way to give bright light into a vaulted ceiling. However, always remember that a lamp might not be suitable for lighting a room with large vaulted ceiling. In fact, you can spend as much on buying more floor lamps as you have about installing a vaulted ceiling lighting new light.

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