Tips Installing Crystal Skylight At Roof House

Crystal Skylight – A small hole in the ceiling can give much more light than a traditional twice-larger window. Do not be afraid of the idea, the zenith natural light (the one that comes from above) was use for centuries as a functional and aesthetic resource. And precisely with that resource a poorly lit and ventilated room can become the best stay in the home. Interior corridors without natural light and even disused heights can also change overnight if the light is allowed to enter through the ceiling. To achieve this, you can place a simple roof or glass roof: the classic skylight.

Posted on October 22, 2021 Skylight

In addition to lighting, Years ago, having a crystal skylight was synonymous with leaks. Now, the new aluminum sealers and aluminum profiles are much more efficient and make it impossible for the water to crack because of a crack. That is why more and more are choosing to install windows on the roof of their homes, either to give light to a room or to save a dark hallway. There is one type of opening for each type of roof. Thus, in the inclined roofs it is convenient to use special windows, and in flat roofs, skylights. In addition to the type of window, when deciding to place a window on the roof it is preferable to avoid the sunniest orientations, such as north and west.

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Windows installed on the roof work well on decks that have more than 15 degrees of tilt. In fact, they are specially design for the roofs of tiles or sheet of the chalets. And they have the added value of that they are buying with all the accessories so that it does not penetrate the rainwater. Although they have a device so that between ventilation without having That open them totally. Installing a crystal skylight means giving you access to the most natural and average ventilation light. However, the job is difficult and if you do not have the experience you should hire a professional to do it.

First of all, you need to cut the space where the crystal skylight is installed. To do this, you first have to make a small hole from the inside of the house and then go to the roof and cut around that hole with a circular saw. Create the skylight frame with pieces of 2-by-4 stands and angle. Then connect the crystal skylight to the frame with roofing nails. After that do the same for the interior of the house with appropriate measures. Close the skylight. Use the rubber window sealing tape for it.