Types of Under Cabinet Lights

Aug 1st
Under Cabinet Lights At Lowes
under cabinet lights at lowes

When most people think of under cabinet lights in the kitchen and think that’s where, usually used, this is because the counter space is very important in the kitchen and under cabinets lights illuminate the work area without taking up counter space. Today, lighting under cabinets used in various places to illuminate, highlight and decorate of under cabinet lights.

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Lights cords

Is probably the easiest type of use lights under cabinets? These lights are light colored plastic lines covered with LED lights. They are easy to install, use little energy, come in a wide variety of colors and are not heated. The drawback is that the lights are primarily decorative laces and illuminate little. The light also spreads over a wide area and is not straightforward.

Fluorescent lights

Fluorescent under cabinet lights are little halogen lights that fit well within the running track where they are placed at equal distances. The track can be made ??according to customer’s request according to the area that needs light. Fluorescent lights can be used under cabinets, library, curio cabinets and crown molding. The small size of these lights can be installed almost anywhere in your home where you want to add a soft decorative sheen. Fluorescent lights are mainly used for decorative purposes, while halogen lights can shine pretty, those used in this case are small, and low-power models brighter than light. Halogen lights are known to be very hot, but thanks to the small size of the bulbs, do not get too hot.

Disco lights

Disco lamps get their name from looking like a hockey puck. They are very common in different types of lighting areas as they are extremely easy to install. Furthermore, come with various wattages, types and styles. Some types of lamps can be installed on a drive cord to illuminate a large area, and some models have a tactile module that allows it to turn on from anywhere in the counter. The only downside is that these lights are halogen bulbs so they can warm up, if you use high wattage models, beware installed near anything flammable, turn them off when not in use, allowing tactile models purchase three different configurations and uses the lowest setting when not required a lot of under cabinet lights to work.

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