Unique And Original Diy Ruffle Bed Skirt

In this headline let’s learn how to make a ruffle bed skirt. And why do we want a bed skirt? because very simple, so we can hide the box springs and toys that children usually put under the bed, in addition to giving a more sophisticated air to our room. Which allows us to choose the fabric that best suits us with our decoration making a unique and original skirt. A bed skirt is under the mattress covering from the base of the mattress to the floor. Start by measuring the top of the bed frame. In my case 1.60m wide by 1.90 high. Then add 4 cm to the length and 2cm to the width (by seam margins). I cut a piece of cloth for this dimension.

Posted on November 12, 2021 Skirts

Finish 2 corners at one end of the piece of fabric rectangle guiding me around the corners of the bed base which helps it fit and the faldon does not move. At the other end of the rectangular piece, fold the edge 1cm and sew. Now we should have a rectangle with 2 rounded corners at one end and the other end enclosed low. Okay, so now is the time to cut the fabric for the main part of the ruffle bed skirt. But first, a little math. This is where you will place your folds. And to save on the cloth, I cut 3 long strips of cloth (one for each of the 3 sides of the bed skirt) and I mounted them.

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You can always buy enough fabric to have a very long strip but once you join them, it is hidden in the fold, so you never see it if you join them. But, you decide. So, now you have 3 strips of fabric for each crease, plus an extra 30cm of fabric. Therefore, add 1.90m (the length of one of its long sides), in addition to 30cm (the fold in the center of the long side), plus 15cm (fold measure in the corner), plus 1cm seam when this strip is added to the next strip).

And that’s equal to 1.22m. And the other side of ruffle bed skirt is identical, having thus two long strips of the same measure. Okay, on the short end. Therefore, add 96cm (the length of the short part), more than 30cm (the fold in the middle of this end), plus 6 inches (mean fold in a corner), plus 15cm (fold average in the other corner), plus 1cm on each side (the seam margins when the other bands are added to this band). And that’s equal to 160cm.