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Tropical quilts – If you want to add color and dimension to your dining room, consider using a duvet as a tablecloth. You can also use old duvets that are in garage sales and thrift stores, or you can sew one specifically for use as a tablecloth. Using quilts like tablecloths is also a good way to bring a new life to comforters that are no longer being used in a bed or as a shot. When sewing a quilt to use as a tablecloth, be sure to use 100 percent cotton. Cottons will wash better and withstand better with constant use. Choose fabrics that have a small print design, as these hide the blemishes that can happen to the fabric. You can also choose a decorative fabric, cut it to the size of your table and comforter along with batting and a supporting fabric. Quilt the three layers into a decorative quilted pattern instead of using a real patchwork quilt.

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Larger tropical quilts patterns may work better than putting the pieces together in a quilt using much smaller pieces. Patterns of quilts that work well for tablecloths include log cabin or mosaic. Handkerchiefs also make a good quilted tablecloth, especially for use at picnic tables. The use of quilted patterns that only use straight stitching also works best and can handle traction and plenty of washing needed for a tablecloth.

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If you do not want to quilt a tablecloth to cover the entire table, consider making a tabletop path. A table path is a strip of 12 to 18 inches wide fabric that runs through the center of the table. Choose a fabric pattern that you like, and make enough blocks to cover the length of the board. Use batting and backing as you would on a large tropical quilts. For quilting a table runner, use union contrast to make it a bit more decorative. Quilted board paths work well for around the holidays or if you want to change your table to include it with the seasons.

It may not be a good idea to use antique comforters such as tablecloths. The fabric of old quilts can be easily broken or damaged by cutlery, hot dishes or spills. You can also be very disappointed if a big mess happens on your old bedspread and you can not clean it. If you want to use antique comforters like tablecloth, use it for the unique decoration. When you are ready to sit down and eat a meal, it is a better way to completely remove the bedspread before setting the table.