Uses Of Vinyl Lattice Panels

Lightweight and durable, vinyl lattice panels last for many years with little maintenance. They look attractive in the parameters of traditional style and modern ones. In the configuration of houses, restaurants or industrial places, vinyl lattice work as a quick and easy divider, with the advantages of a wall without the disadvantages. Vines, such as honeysuckle, jasmine, clematis, ivy and roses that rise for a long time have been supported by lattice panels used as trellises. Vinyl lattice panels allow air to circulate through the plants and shed moisture, which helps control fungal diseases. Aromatic plants are presented at eye and nose height for easy picking and welcoming visitors near a door or gate. Help does not have to be just vertical. Lower-growing plants with a tendency to flop, such as lilies, peonies and dwarf bamboo can easily be kept out of the mud and tracks with a flange made of a two-foot-wide panel at its side.

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Decorative vinyl lattice panels mitigate the heat of the summer sun, torrential rain, hail and strong winds without needing to close the plants out of the light, moisture and air circulation. Several individual panels can be stored in the hand to place on flower beds as bad weather approaches or permanent gazebos can be constructed to add shelter to open spaces, entrances or outdoor work spaces. A border of lattice panels around flower beds, orchards, ponds, newly planted areas or rocky spots, slippery or otherwise reduce dangerous – if not prevent – child, dog and pet traffic. Also lattice vinyl panels turn many home building ideas into do-it-yourself projects. Standard sizes from 2 feet by 8 feet and 4 by 8 fill quickly in sections of a lookout, arbor, single shed, crawl-space cover, covered skirting board or porch. When used to enclose a play area or to build a castle or play house, network panels allow children to control discreetly.

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Large areas such as a full backyard or small areas like a patio or a terrace with hot tub can be enclosed for privacy with vinyl lattice panels. Function portable vinyl lattice panels like privacy screens that you can use as needed and where you wanted it temporarily for special occasions. Or, either low or high permanent dividers can be integrated into design plans to enclose or demarcate entrances, lobbies, porches or other areas, while retaining a diaphanous and inviting environment that solid walls do not. Where unsightly views, busy streets or heaps of compost could use some concealment without the cost, labor and the permanence of a solid, light fence or barrier, relatively less expensive vinyl lattice panels serve the purpose. Structural sections can also be combined as decoration and extensions on the top of the fences or solid walls.