Utilizing The Free Energy with Swimming Pool Solar Heaters

Jul 31st
Swimming Pool Solar Heaters Reviews
Swimming Pool Solar Heaters Reviews

Swimming pool solar heaters are the most cost-effective and most environmentally friendly solution to extend your swimming season. You and your family can even enjoy your pool all year round! This way, you can swim earlier and longer than most people around your neighborhood. This means you can invite your friends to enjoy your backyard swimming pool long after they have closed theirs up for the season.

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Swimming pool solar heaters use panels that act as heating collectors that are installed on the roof or anywhere that received a good amount of sunlight, usually a 45˚ angle near the pool. Solar heater system integrated with your existing pump and filtration system that drains the pool water through the solar collectors. The panel heats the water, then returns it back to your pool to repeat the cycle.

There are also solar covers and blankets that will work as a pool heater. They are pretty cheap and will do the same thing in principle that the solar heating system working. Solar covers retain the warmth in the pool water at night or during cool seasons, this is why they are also referred to as winter cover. They come in a huge variety of designs and sizes, so you can choose according to the size and shape of your pool.

You can also choose portable solar sun rings that are easy to use and great for any pool size. The solar-powered ring floating on the surface of the pool water to heat the water and reduce water evaporation. Some people use solar cover in addition the swimming pool solar heaters. The point is to enjoy your pool as long as possible. Just customize to your needs, the climate in the area where you live, and your pool size to determine which solar heater you need so that you can get more swimming time. Share your thoughts on the comments section.

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