Very Useful Attic Hoist At Home

Attic hoist – One of the most useful tools to elevate elements of great weight is the hoist, also called rigging. It is the combination of two types of pulleys, with a reduction, which allows us to lift extraordinary weights comfortably and without the need to carry out much force. In the DIY stores we will find different models of hoists, manual and electric, being able to choose the one that suits us, in each case. On this occasion, let’s see how a manual works, which holds up to a ton of weight. To hang it from the roof has a hook that is equipped with a safety tab, to prevent it from releasing while we use.

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A rig ,  hoist or polyspasto is a  machine  composed of two or more pulleys. And a rope, cable or chain that alternately passes through the various throats of each of those. It is use to lift or move a load with a great mechanical advantage. Because you need to apply a force much less than the weight to be moved. It is very important that the support in which we fix the attic hoist is resistant and holds the weight well. This machine is composed of two grooved discs, through which two different chains pass through.

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One of them, the one with the hook, supports the weight. And the other is use to raise and lower the object.   Engage the element that you want to raise in the hoist. And pull on one side of the endless chain as many times as necessary until you leave the object at the desired height. When we want to lower it, we will tend to do the same. But on the other side of the chain. When one of the pulleys has only one throat or is a block, the hoist is call with “simple rigging”. In other cases, it is “double rigging”.

According to the number of turns the rope gives on the pulleys are call with four, six, etc. Cords or “guarnes”, taking also in relation to the object. And the form in which a nickname or particular denomination applies like those of “hook rig”, “rabiza rig”, “burel and strobo rig”. A pulley is a simple machine, a mechanical traction device. Which serves to transmit a force. In addition, forming sets – snares or attic hoist . Serves to reduce the magnitude of the force necessary to move a weight.