Victorian Quilts In Matte Fabrics Or With Antique Prints

The Victorian quilts style is far from trendy, on the contrary for its elegance and refinement more and more people include elements of this era in the decoration of their home. But to decorate the Victorian style you have to take into account the class of furniture, colors and other decorative elements, for that reason we bring you some ideas for a Victorian style decoration . If you already have an idea how to decorate an English-style room, the Victorian style will be easier, since the English style includes many Victorian elements. The Victorian beds are large and heavy, whether carved wood or metal. To obtain this type of beds we can look for in antiques bazaars.

Posted on October 30, 2021 Quilts

Victorian blankets, pillows, cushions and tablecloths are often surrounded by lace. In the case of victorian quilts style are usually very fluffy and can be in matte fabrics or with antique prints. In the Victorian era the ocher colors were used a lot, so if we want we can paint the rooms in any tone of that range, very bright colors were generally not used. If we want to give it a more Victorian feel we can change the small blinds and curtains by long velvet curtains or heavy fabrics in cheerful tones. The key to make it look elegant is not to exaggerate and combine them with other colors.

24 Photos Gallery of: Victorian Quilts in Matte Fabrics or With Antique Prints

Victorian Quilts ThemeSize: 1026 x 1000

Victorian Quilts StyleSize: 900 x 648

Victorian Quilts PrintSize: 1500 x 1500

Victorian Quilts PinkSize: 800 x 800

Victorian Quilts ModelSize: 800 x 800

Victorian Quilts FloralSize: 1280 x 903

Victorian Quilts DaybedSize: 1280 x 876

Victorian Quilts ColorSize: 1365 x 1500

Ruffle Victorian QuiltsSize: 1024 x 640

Rose Victorian QuiltsSize: 1200 x 1600

Lilac Victorian QuiltsSize: 1024 x 1004

Gray Victorian QuiltsSize: 800 x 640

Daybed Victorian QuiltsSize: 1280 x 960

Blue Victorian QuiltsSize: 1500 x 1323

Antique Victorian QuiltsSize: 1051 x 766

The Victorian master bedroom has an antique feel, typically feminine. Because the Victorian era lasted from the 1830s until around 1900, the style is very varied, but follows general advice. Note that Victorian couples’ beds, often the flashy wood affairs or cast iron, brass or combination of metal baseboards, were either “full” or “double.” An expert carpenter may be able to adapt a antique queen size bed or fuse two single beds into a queen bed, or you may want to purchase a modern replica. Dress up the elaborate victorian quilts, with awnings and curtains, pillows, ruffles, ribbon and other decorations. Appropriate period duvets, lace, buttonhole and floral are appropriate selections.

Use oriental rugs such as straw mats, hooked blankets and machine mats stood with abstract floral patterns or swelling. Accessories with photographs of the time, including subjects such as botanical products, children, maidens and animals. Choose mirrors in elaborate gold frames or stained wood frames. Place fresh flowers in period style vases, and look for Victorian-style collectibles, such as porcelain plates and figurines.