Warmth and Serenity Cape Cod Homes

Dec 6th
White Cape Cod House Plans
White Cape Cod House Plans

Many think of cape cod homes for when the retirement comes. Others to rest on weekends; and others even consider living in them as a permanent residence. However far they may be from the city. They are the cape cod houses . As the decoration and renovation rules, whether in the countryside. In the mountains or in the interior of a town, the rural houses give off warmth and serenity . In them the word home is written in capital letters, as these photographs show . It is what we now call quality of life. The cape cod houses are usually low-rise buildings. Usually one or two floors, but with outdoor areas such as terraces, gardens, fields … Also, many times, they have nice interior patios. Materials such as stone are used in walls, wood in floors, visible beams or doors, ceramics …

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Many times we find the imprint of time, which decorates and gives warmth. And, when not, artificially aged finishes . The cape cod houses are filled with furniture made of natural materials. Gentle forms are sought , without edges , and relax design. The question is to create warm and natural environments. The colors you can not miss the warm colors. White, yellow, brown and other earthy tones which, combine with textiles such as rugs, blankets, cushions or curtains, will create that warm and cozy touch. The kitchens are the main protagonists of the cape cod houses. Far from the kitchens in “L” or as corridors of the city floors, here -normally with more space- the whole family can share time and space.

Wood, natural finishes and pastel colors such as yellow or blue, as well as cupboards, decorative bells and old utensils that if they no longer serve always decorate. Wood, marble or stone are very present . We can find them in furniture countertops, walls, floors and even showers. As for the decoration, vases, soaps, mirrors, towels and rugs will help us to increase that image. The bedrooms looking for a homey and warm climate. In the rooms creams, browns and neutral tones such as whites or grays are combine with materials such as wood or wrought iron. As for fabrics, cotton and wool will bring that natural touch that they like so much. The cape cod style is highly connect with nature , which is why outdoor areas are so important. Indoor or outdoor patios, gardens, fields, porches or terraces are some of the spaces that we can enjoy.

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