Wedding Cozziez: Create Your Wedding Party Fun And Unique

Wedding koozies will make great wedding favor for your big day. They will keep your drink in cool or hot as because they can keep the can or bottles temperatures to be downed. All of your beer bottle and can will look interesting with stamped of bride or groom name to welcoming the guests. They will become useful and unique wedding gifts because they can used again and again as you need. They have beautiful and interesting design that would make it look special as wedding gifts. They come in various colors and graphic designs and they also can be customized.

Wedding koozies ideas

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You can make creative koozies for your wedding and maka it looks unique as wedding gifts. When designing koozies, you can put bride and groom name on it but it would be usual koozies. There are some ideas that can make your koozies design become unique and fun. You can put animated picture on it and will look interesting and entertain all of your guests. Putting inspiring and motivating quotes can also become brilliant ideas, so your wedding can inspiring the others and it is what you can give for them. You can make variations in designing koozies, so one and another will get different koozies design that would entertain them.

How to make koozies

This functional koozies can get in simple and easy way by making them by yourself. You just need some requirements such foam sheets, piece of cloth, double sided tape or brads for lasting koozies and decorated material such ribbon or sticker. First, measure the container and cut the foam sheet according to the measurement. Then dip the foam into soapy water to make the tape stick. Drape the foam with cloth in your favorite color and decorate it for interesting look.