Wedding Ring Quilts Ideas

Wedding ring quilts provide aesthetic and practical value in the home. They add color and texture to interior environments while helping to control light levels and provide a measure of privacy. Different methods of hanging curtains are available, among them tabs and rings. Rings and tabs show fundamental differences. The use of these hanging methods determines the support system for the weight of the curtain.

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Back Tabs

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Flaps form hanging mechanisms that form part of the wedding ring quilts specifically designed for suspension. Back tabs make cloth rings extend from the back of the top part of a curtain. Hanging curtains with back tabs mean little more than driving a curtain rod through these back tabs. Two main types of back tabs are available, hanging and still. Hanging back tabs resembles fabric hoops from which the curtain hangs. Stationary back tabs remain invisible when looking at a curtain from the front – they stick straight from the back of a curtain, rather than stretching beyond the top line.


Wedding ring quilts design are just what they sound like, rings are used to hang curtains. Common materials used in the construction of curtain rings are wood, metal and plastic. Rings are often displayed on shower drapes and also support curtains in living spaces. Rings generally include a suspension system in addition to the actual hanging ring. Manufacturers sew a support ring in the fabric of the curtain to prevent the weight of the fabric from ripping under the stress of the hanging from the ring.

Basic differences

The obvious fundamental difference between wedding ring quilts flaps and rings lies in their relationship with the curtain itself. All curtain tabs, including back tabs, form part of the curtain. Rings, on the other hand, form separate units as a red thread through the curtains. However, curtains must include reinforcement rings or any other form of additional support sewn into the fabric to hang from the rings. Some manufacturers sell curtains with rings included. If you buy curtains without hanging mechanisms, you can sew tabs of the same fabric or install reinforcement rings for hanging the rings.


Back tabs and wedding ring quilts divide the weight of a curtain in different ways. With back tabs, the fabric on the tab and the strength of the seams connect the tab to the curtain carry the entire weight of the curtain. Curtain rings hold the weight of the curtain suspended in a bar, but the curtain supports its weight because it hangs from the rings. You can design any of these systems to support curtains of varying weights, but bear in mind that with the curtain rings, rings and curtain both feel the strain of the weight.