What Types of Low Voltage Lights for the Landscape?

Jul 11th
Malibu Landscape Lights Low Voltage
Malibu Landscape Lights Low Voltage

The outdoor lighting can be a very important factor in landscape design with low voltage landscape lights. There is always good design safely through the outdoor area of a home during the night, especially for the main sidewalks and areas with steps. Certain sidewalk lights as solar lights, LED lights (light emitting diode) and decorative lights are an effective and low voltage landscape lights to make sure you will walk safely in the dark.

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Solar lights

The most efficient is solar lighting, which collects sunlight during the day using a small solar panel. Solar lights store energy from the sun and as the sun goes down and night falls, consuming the stored energy to illuminate the landscape. These lights are often part of a game that shares a common electrical and same solar panel. Solar lights are available in many styles and sizes for the low voltage landscape lights.

LED lights

LED lights have the lowest voltage between landscape lights available in the market. Many government buildings and schools are changing their ads by LED lights to save a substantial amount of money on their electric bills. It also reduces maintenance costs to repair or replace the bulbs for LED bulbs last up to 10 times longer than fluorescents.

Decorative lights

The low voltage lights for landscaping come in many styles, heights and effects. Your landscaping design will determine the type of light you need to emphasize certain features in the dark. The appearance of light during the day, when off, it can also be a determining factor when buying outdoor lights. There are styles with engraved figures and natural elements in the low voltage landscape lights.

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