What’s New, Sofa Table Plans?

Sep 3rd
Sofa Table Plans Wood
Sofa Table Plans Wood

A bench and a stool serve in this improvised sofa table plans when necessary. They are a very practical resource in a few meters for its versatility. Choose them light, as here, so you can move them without problems. Enough to trim the legs (from the original 90 cm to about 40-50 cm) to convert it into an original coffee table. Your drawer, in addition, is very practical to have in order the smallest objects.

And it is that this design recalls the old luggage trunks with which our ancestors literally carried the house on their backs. Who says poof?  And with a pouf like that, who wants a sofa table plans to use? Upholstered to match the sofas, serves as a coffee table when necessary and extra XL seat.

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What’s new, trunk? Yes, it is a trunk. But it is much more than that, because the tree crown, after being cut and worked, becomes a unique piece that serves as a sofa table plans. A coffee table! Reconverting ancient tools of farming or craftsmanship of the field in furniture is a way to give them a new life and use and, at the same time, decorate with a plus of authenticity.

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