Wind Directional Chimney Cap

Wind directional chimney cap – A windscreen on your chimney counteracts windstorms and creates a boost, and it also acts as rain protection. If you have a problem with drag, a windscreen can improve the drag function in the ducts and ventilation ducts. In this way, it helps to keep the chimney free of moisture, leaving no stale air when the chimney is not in use. Windflies are sometimes also call with “Dancers” or “Ballerina”. The wind directional chimney cap works so that it “turns the back” against the wind and thus prevents winds from happening in the chimney. On the inside of the windshield there is a negative pressure that creates suction and improves the chimney draft.

Posted on August 3, 2022 Chimney

Wind directional chimney cap on buildings have been around since the middle Ages. And from the 1000s onwards they are increasingly found on the chimneys. Wind directional chimney cap and tower spikes on buildings became more common from the Renaissance. They are consider to important as status symbols for the people. So, therefore, they can tell you something about the status of the building even later. A thorn spire tells a lot about the building’s status. And, for example, if there has been any activity and what occupation the people who lived there may have exercised.

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Here there was a chance to manifest their prosperity or the building’s ideals of the day. The most common forms of appearance have been animal figures. But also initials and years can seen on the wind directional chimney cap. It is usually broken down work is done in throwing and. A wind directional is freely movable around a vertical axis. Thus, it is also one of the oldest meteorological instruments because it shows the wind direction. Today, the windmill remains, but there is also the version we sell that has more function than status symbol. Wind directional counteracts windstorms, creates drag enhancement and also acts as rain protection.

A wind directional chimney cap can improve the traction function of smoke ducts and ventilation ducts. Also helping to keep the ducts free of moisture, leaving for no stagnant air when the chimney is not in use. Windflies are sometimes also call with “Dancers” or “Ballerina”. The windscreen “turns the back” towards the wind, thus preventing winds from the chimney. On the inside of the flute a negative pressure occurs which creates a suction and an improvement in the dragon in the chimney.